Why choose Chrono UK Limited?

Bernex have appointed Chrono UK Limited one of the leading distributors in the UK, working on an exclusive basis for several international brands. Our partnership approach to developing long lasting brands via independent jewellery outlets, means that we are able to ensure year-on-year growth, and a steady development path. We believe that sales are built with time and effort, and not flooding the market with quick wins, and long term losses.

Does your trade supplier offer you these benefits?

Can you order whatever you want with no surcharge – No Minimum Order, No annual commitment? Can you order whenever you want 24/7/365 – No Pressure Selling, No obligations, Just working with you? Do you get a Guaranteed Margin? Do you get support with marketing activities? Do you get support for your website? Do you get free quality window display & POS? Get excellent stock availability & after care?

If you would like to explore the opportunities to start a trading relationship with us, please let us know by submitting your details to us using the form below or call us on 0844 815 4850 for an informal, no obligation discussion, we know we will exceed your expectations.

How to Order

We are not like the conventional suppliers. We don’t tie you down to committed turnovers, or minimum orders. You can order whenever you want and whatever you want.

We don’t hard sell, just inform you of the products and how they could work to improve your sales. No strings, no commitments, no contracts – just a traditional good old fashion chat to let you know how we can work together. Call us now on 0844 815 4850 for more details.

Please Click here to download an application form.