Our History

Bernex was established in Switzerland in 1858, in the Watchmaking village of Les Breuleux. Sine that time Bernex watches have been manufactured and sold by the Bouverat family throughout the world for over a 100 years. In 1919, part of the family left Switzerland and founded Geo. Bouverat & Co. Ltd in the UK. Having established a reputation for “The” Swiss Watch in the market, they continued to provide quality Swiss timepieces to leading retailers and jewellers. Bernex remains at the forefront creating timepieces that you will love for years to come. Bernex continues to be supplied by many quality retailers, but appeals to the connoisseur. Our reputation for automatic and mechanical watches are second to none.

Bouverat are proud of their Swiss origin, and timepieces are still imported from Les Breuleux, their original home, as well as other leading Swiss factories, ensuring that Bernex remains as ‘The’ Swiss Watch.

Why Bernex?

For all the years that Bernex has been trading the brand remains exclusive to the connoisseur who seeks outstanding quality. The philosophy of Bernex has been to provide value for money, quality products at a price that is affordable by all. Bernex has established a reputation that stands for unquestionable quality. Products that will last for years, without any problems. Bernex focus on the importance of the customer experience which is crucial to their success.

Choosing the Right Product

Any purchase needs time and consideration. Many factors need to be considered such as price, suitability, appearance, materials used and features. We have a wide range of watches, allowing you the freedom to purchase a quality product regardless of the cost. When choosing your timepiece consider what you require from your gift. Does it need to be just a watch used occasionally or will it be a treasured timepiece used everyday. If it is for a special occasion, engraving your personal sentiments can add a wonderful touch. Timepieces can be given as wedding gifts or can be passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Timepieces can be either quartz or mechanical. Quartz tends to be more accurate and is favoured if using every day. However a mechanical watch is a thing of beauty. To view the mechanical movement at work is fascinating, although not as accurate as a quartz model. What ever your reasons for buying a pocket watch choose carefully thorough our extensive range, and if you need any assistance then contact our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help you

Most of timepieces are hand-made or hand-finished products and that should never be under-estimated. The benefits of owning an individual “work of art” manufactured by craftsman, makes these products priceless.

Your purchase will service you well for many years to come, and will be a centre piece to show-off your timepiece.